Update on future BiCons from BiCon Continuity

Due to changes in how many universities are organising their student accommodation and other changes in practice by banks that makes opening bank accounts for community organisations more time consuming and administratively difficult, Continuity is asking people to start thinking about planning for future BiCons earlier than has historically been the community's practice.

Claire will be running BiCon in 2019.

But for 2020 and onwards we need volunteers. We're posting now to give you time to think about this pre-BiCon and to enable you to talk to people at this year's BiCon who have been involved in organising teams (who are up for these conversations) in previous years before committing yourself.

Continuity is happy to pass offers of assistance to Claire for 2019 and to coordinate offers to lead a team and to assist for 2020 and onwards. Please email info@biconcontinuity.org.uk if you're interested with your contact details.

Roles within teams vary in size and depend on the structure of the team. Within a team there will need to be people who can use telephones, who are available during the working day, who can use a booking system, who understand finances and so on, but not being able to do any of these things isn't a barrier to being involved in a number of roles within a team. If you would like to shadow somebody in a role before potentially taking on the role yourself in a future year, we can try to help you arrange this.

If you have previously been involved in organising a BiCon and you're happy to answer questions about it, please email us too, so we can put people in touch with you.

BiCon Continuity (Karen, Natalya, Hessie, Ian, Elizabeth)