BiCon is the annual gathering of the UK bi community, its friends and allies.

It has run every year since 1984 – twice in 1985! – making it, we think, the longest-running annual LGBT event in the UK. (Even the annual Pride event in London missed a year, when the first bunch to try to replace the Pride Trust failed to have one in 1998.) It is also the world's longest running bisexual community event.

BiCon Continuity is responsible for seeing that BiCon continues far into the future. As it is well-known* that running one every year is a very bad idea, it does not organise all the details of any individual BiCon: that's done by a team of volunteers, each year's different from the last.

BiCon Continuity does commission that team, licensing it to use the BiCon trade mark, and help it in any way that it can. As well as helping with the start-up costs of running the event, it can provide free consultancy and other assistance. We have plenty of experience in running events: three of the current trustee directors have run about a dozen BiCons between them, and done things to help for many more. We can also provide technical support and help set up the systems that each year's team needs.

You can learn more about BiCon at its website,

So you want to run a BiCon?

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* At least amongst the people who have run one. It can be very rewarding (in ways other than financially!) but it does use a lot of time, emotional, and physical 'spoons'.