BiCon Continuity Ltd primarily looks after the money built up over years when BiCons have made a surplus. We use those to help BiCon organising teams to pay for things upfront such as (increasingly large) venue deposits. We hold around £30,000 for this purpose.

We do not run BiCon itself, we only provide start-up funding and ensure the finances are legitimate.

Funding for other Bi Activities

Once BiCon funding is secured any remaining we hold is potentially available to fund activities which meet our charitable objects of promoting social inclusion for bi people as outlined on our About page.

We can fund bi activism projects, events and opportunities in the UK which arise throughout the year between BiCon decision making sessions.

How much money can Continuity provide?

We usually deal with funding bids for between £50 and £500 but can consider occasional larger funding requests up to around £1,000. We prioritise small groups and individuals who cannot easily obtain funding elsewhere.

How BiCon Continuity will make decisions

Continuity have to make sure all activities we fund meet our legal obligations as a charitable company and moral obligations to the BiCon and bi communities. To do this, we will need to:

  • Check that your activity will meet our charitable objects to promote social inclusion for bi people.
  • Make sure we have enough money to fund it after BiCons are accounted for.
  • Have confidence that your activity is financially viable and realistic.
  • Believe the applicant for funding is trustworthy and legitimate.


All the trustees have significant commitments so it may take up to a week for us to respond to enquiries and up to two weeks from receipt of all information we need before we can approve funding.

How to apply for funding

We have a Continuity funding form containing questions which will help you give us the information we need to consider your request. This form can be saved then completed on your computer and sent by email to

If you need to use a different application method, please let us know by emailing us to discuss this.