Privacy policy

Unless you leave a comment, this website ( does not collect any type of personal information beyond the IP address of visitors and, where applicable, the website they came from ('referer data'). This is used by automated software to block addresses that attempt to hack the website as well as monitor legitimate use in aggregated form (a fancy way of saying every access is looked at together, rather than looking to see what individual IP addresses do).

At the time of writing, only one page is open to comments. If you leave a comment, you will be asked for an email address. Again, software is used to block addresses that attempt to leave 'comment spam'. Unless you specifically ask for a reply, the email address will not be used for any other purpose (and if you do ask for a reply, you may not get oneā€¦)


Unless you leave a comment, the software which powers this website does not send any 'cookies' to your browser. If you do leave a comment, you are free to delete the cookies that it sends.


Currently, there are no images on the site. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, there is no implication that any people featuring in any that are used at some point in the future are bisexual.